Our most important ingredient is always our people; this is what showcases our exceptional service and what sets us apart from everyone else. We value your trust and each member of our team is passionate about keeping it. That's why we execute every event as if it were our own... because it is!


Our management team is composed of accomplished leaders who play a crucial role in protecting and building our reputation as leaders in our sector. With outstanding international hospitality experience and a never-ending desire to succeed, we have unique credentials with the right blend of expertise needed to navigate any challenge.

Our focused and dedicated management team of experienced professionals ensures that the ambitious vision of the company is actively pursued and our goal of becoming one of the leading global players in the hospitality sector is achieved.



An innovative and results-driven Business Director with over 18 years of experience, Jonathan is an expert in overseeing national and international large-scale events. He also possesses a proven ability to direct and enhance operations within catering environments while building companies from the ground up.

Having previously worked with international entities such as Manchester Central, Manchester United F.C. and Lords Cricket Ground, Jonathan joined ADNEC Group in 2015 to spearhead the creation and launch of Capital Hospitality.

Jonathan demonstrates an unwavering focus on leading and empowering staff to drive performance improvements and elevates work culture to positively embrace productivity and profitability.

A totally competent operator that has achieved remarkable successes in driving efficiency and productivity through the savvy implementation of process improvements.



Kinan is highly-competent sales professional possessing a profound experience in catering & hospitality industry. He has a proven track record in handling large sales teams involved in diverse segments. Kinan is a strategic sales leader who is known for achieving impressive results for both clients and stakeholders. He has been associated with some of the top-notch hospitality organisations and with the help of his endurance, he has been able to win an impressive portfolio of clients across the Middle East.

Kinan has the potential to devise outstanding service and relationship strategy, driving customer loyalty by delivering service excellence. He is capable of identifying consumer requirements, competitor's strengths and weaknesses, and forecasting projected business.

He is an impressive team leader and can drive his team to achieve desired results in any circumstances. Kinan has the potential to maintain a progressive work approach within his team. He is phenomenal in delegating tasks, assessing performance, negotiating workloads and reporting on developments. He motivates his team by preaching hard work, helping them to enhance their skills necessary for success, and rewarding the performers accordingly.



An ambitious and result orientated Assistant Director with over 10 years of successful experience in strategic finance and accounting management, Manal thrives on overcoming challenges and setting her goals very high.  


She is a key element to make executive business decisions with a tactical focus on financial growth, cost management and recruitment of best in class talent. She has a strong focus on innovative business techniques driving the profitability and also a people person where the employee wellbeing is her number one priority. She is an outstanding motivator hugely focus on the personal development of the staff by giving every opportunity to unleash their true talents and pursue their career to the next level.


Manal started her successful professional journey working with Etihad for 3 years prior to joining ADNEC Group in 2013 where after 6 years she has been appointed as a Head of Finance of Capital Hospitality in 2018 to become an Assistant Director of Finance & HR at the start of 2019.


Manal is currently developing her professional qualifications in Certified Management Accountant course and in her personal life she is a dedicated mother to two wonderful boys.


Manal sets an inspiring example for Emirati women proving her ambitious career in the hospitality industry.



James is a qualified results-orientated operations manager with experience of leading high performance teams and successfully increasing efficiency and productivity whilst reducing costs and inefficiencies.

James has successfully developed his career in catering services, hotels and restaurants spanning over seventeen years. In addition, James has acquired comprehensive working  knowledge in hotel management, catering services and hospitality operations.