Live Events

When lots of people gather in one place for a live event, they expect to soak in the whole experience. A big part of this is to provide catering services uninterrupted and in plentiful supply. To make sure your live event reaches its audience with the maximum impact, we set up and manage all food stands, taking the hassle out of preparation and presentation.

For concerts and shows, we offer an array of tasty dishes on the table. We offer burgers, sandwiches and other grab-and-go food. However, for grander events such as theater performances, we also provide full-plate options from a diverse range of cuisines.

Through our knowledge and experience in catering for large numbers, along with knowing our own venues inside and out, we know how to keep things flowing. Even at times of peak demand, we’re able to turn around food and drink orders within minutes.

Capital Hospitality understands the importance of keeping your crew and performers happy behind the scenes, therefore we also provide catering for them, making ample accommodation for specific dietary requirements.